Many things have happened in the year 2020. A pandemic rages across the world and peaceful protests as well as violent riots are happening all over the country. There is still more to come. During this election we, as United States citizens, will decide either to keep our current president and vice president or elect a new man and woman to lead our country. Not only will we be electing a president, but we will also be voting on several other important positions and amendments in Alabama. This includes whether only citizens should be able to vote, changes to the judicial system, protecting Alabama’s “Stand Your Ground” law, and electing several new statewide and district delegates. Many people say this year’s election is more important than the last, but let’s be real. We say that every four years, and we always will. The truth is ALL elections are important and need to be treated as such! The people of the United States need to go out and vote today to make sure everyone’s voice is heard. Many people discuss politics as only a two party system, Republicans and Democrats, some even go as far as to say freedom vs socialism or good vs evil. These parties are not your only options. In addition to President Trump for the Republicans and former Vice President Biden for the Democrats, Dr. Jo Jorgensen is running for the Libertarian party and Howie Hawkins is running for the Green party. Vote for the person and their views not just the party!

  In honor of the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidential election, Gene and Son’s is offering $27.00 basic oil changes (oil filter and 4 quarts of oil. Some restrictions may apply.) until the end of the week (Friday, November 6th, 2020) when you bring us your “#Voted” sticker! We encourage all voters to do their own research through reliable sources before deciding which candidate/party to vote for this Election Day. We would also like everyone, no matter your political views, to go listen to the song attached below before the end of the day. God Bless America and good luck to everyone!

Old News”by The Steel Woods